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Axkid x Geggamoja sunshades are perfect to shade your child during the car ride when the sun shines. The sunshades come in two playful designs to make it even more fun to ride in the car.  

The sunshades are self-attaching and can therefore easily be attached to your window and moved between cars if preferred. The sunshades are also collapsible to minimize space after you have taken them down from the window.  

Axkid Sunshade by Geggamoja

  • Axkid x Geggamoja

    The Axkid x Geggamoja Collection is a collaboration between the Swedish safety company Axkid and the Swedish child clothing company Geggamoja well known for its unique designs and quality.  

    Together we wanted to make something that the children will like and that will encourage them to enjoy the car ride as well as staying in their rear-facing car seats for as long as possible? Because who does not want to travel together with all the animals in the ‘Wildlife’ print or dream away in a world of air balloons in the “Dreamer” print? 

    We hope you and your child will enjoy the designs as much as we do. 

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